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What is Nail Jewelry? Showcasing Designs with Crystals, Gold, Pearls and More!

Nail jewelry is becoming increasingly popular for special occasions as well as for general fashion. Offering delicate yet eye-catching accents, nail jewelry comes in a variety of types and styles, making a statement in any setting. In this article, we’ll delve into nail jewelry types, examples of its use at events, and a look at some popular nail jewelry designs (with photos).

Nail jewelry exists in diverse styles and designs. Currently trending designs are mostly simple yet sophisticated, featuring gold and silver metal parts or chrome powder. We find that Swarovski crystals and glass pieces are also very popular.

There are mainly three types of nail jewelry: press on nails (that come with jewelry on them), nail stickers, and nail gems, each allowing for easy enjoyment of beautiful nail art. 

Press on Nails with Jewelry

These are disposable artificial nails pre-designed with artwork or jewelry. They use various materials like pearls, crystals, and metal parts, making them very convenient for special events or everyday flair. These types of nails are affordable, easy to apply at home, and can be applied multiple times, making them a popular choice.

Nail Stickers

These are thin films or stickers with an adhesive back, printed with various designs or patterns. Some types include small rhinestones or metallic decorations, which are then covered with a layer of top coat to strengthen adhesion. They are disposable, making them suitable for those who want to frequently change their nail design.

Nail Gems

These small jewels serve as accents in nail art. They are typically attached to the gel/acrylic nail surface with a special type of polish or adhesive, adding a new dimension and sparkle to the design. A clear gel coat or top coat over the gems ensures they are securely fixed and last longer.

For special events like weddings, parties, and Christmas, nail jewelry can enhance your look. Nails adorned with clear Swarovski or elegant pearls are perfect for brides on their special day. For seasonal events like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, jewelry in theme-appropriate colors and shapes, such as red or green pearls or heart-shaped designs, are popular choices.

Let's take a look at some of our top choices for nail designs with jewelry:

Nail jewelry is a versatile accessory that shines in everyday settings and special events alike. While it can be applied at home, professional salon applications are recommended for special occasions due to the superior finish and durability they offer.

That’s it for our article on nail jewelry! We hope this article on nail jewelry has been informative and sparked your interest in this dazzling accessory!

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