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Summer Japanese Gel Nail Ideas and Trends 2024!

Japanese Gel Nail Ideas for the summer, 12 different designs with various vibrant colors and themes laid out on a table

As summer rolls in with its sunny days and breezy nights, it's the perfect time for a nail makeover. Planning beach getaways or cool summer parties? Here are some fun and vibrant Japanese gel nail ideas to match the vibe of the season. I'm all about adding that extra pop to my clients’ looks, and these nails do just the trick!

The Summer 2024 Nail Collection has just come in and is available from June to September!

This time, we feature 4 new designs, with ideas inspired by the most recent nail conventions in Japan!

For more details, check out the Summer 2024 Limited Nail Collection page!

This season is all about vibrant and sparkly colors like blues, yellows, and pinks. They remind me of sunny skies and beach fun. I’m also loving the classic appeal of nude shades, which are perfect year-round but feel especially right in summer. These colors not only add a playful touch but also blend beautifully with any summer outfit!

Cat-eye nails are also still super popular and have been incorporated into many of the designs I will show in this article!

1. Ocean Vibes

Summer Japanese Gel Design, Ocean themed with blue shell design and white nails

The ocean-themed nail design is a hit for summer. Light blue and white hues with a cute seashell motif will make it feel like you’re carrying a piece of the sea wherever you go.

2. Pink!

Summer Japanese Gel Nail Design, Pink theme

I highly recommend pink nails this summer! This color has been extremely popular at this year’s nail convention in Tokyo and is expected to be a standout color this season.

3. 3D Floral Art

Summer Japanese Gel Nail design, pink with 3d floral design and cat-eye nails

Consider stepping up your nail game with some three-dimensional floral nail art. It’s perfect for adding a bit of drama and elegance to those special summer occasions.

4. Cat-Eye Magic

Summer Japanese Gel Nail Design, Cat-eye nail theme with blue/green nails

Cat-eye nails have been a favorite throughout the year, and they're definitely a must-try this summer. The way the light plays off the magnetized polish is mesmerizing—perfect for those magical summer nights.

5. Sunny Sunflowers

Summer Japanese Gel Nail Design, Sunflower Theme

Sunflowers on your nails are perfect for summer. Hand-drawn sunflower designs radiate happiness and sunshine, making them a delightful choice for the sunny season.

6. Nude with Summer Flair

Summer Japanese Gel Nail Design, Nude color theme

Nude nails are a timeless choice. This summer, spice them up with little accents like beads or sparkles to give them that extra summery feel.

These nail ideas are my top picks for bringing some extra fun and flair to your summer. Japanese gel nails are not only gorgeous, but they also last so long that you don’t have to worry about touch-ups while out enjoying the sun. 

Ready to let your nails shine as bright as your summer? Try these designs at J Flow Nail and watch the compliments roll in!


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