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Summer 2024 Limited Nail Collection

Hands with gel nails on them, with various nail tools placed around on the table

The NEW seasonal nail designs have just come in!!

For the Summer Special Nail Designs Collection, we’ve come up with 4 designs, incorporating various new colors and trends!

Not only did we bring an extra design this time, we’ve stepped up our discounts!

Prices for these designs are up to 20-30% off!

These designs are available exclusively from June to August this year.

This first design features a refreshing and cool blue hue that captures the summer season’s vibe. It also dazzles with added glitter that sparkles under the sunlight, emulating the ocean on a hot summer’s day. For the pinky nail, we've decided to go with a cat’s eye nail, rounding out a captivating design that plays with light.

Our next design shows off a blend of green and brown hues and a translucent finish. Perfect for those seeking nails that give off sophistication and calmness, this design embodies elegance. It also features a unique element on the ring finger—a vertically aligned piece that adds additional character.

This design features a vibrant pink hue complemented by the enchanting cat’s eye effect. I got inspiration for this design during a recent beauty convention in Japan, where the latest nail art materials were exhibited. What sets this design apart is the three-dimensional cherry embellishments that add a playful touch to the nails. These cherries also promise to be a standout feature among this season's special designs.

The last design features a distinctive band that runs across the nails and pieces of dried flowers that are placed throughout. The band's color on the thumb nail is a vivid pink which enhances the summery feel of the design. Additionally, the band on the ring finger showcases dry flowers, though it may be hard to see from this image. These bands debuted roughly a year ago and have quickly become a favorite for its unique blend of artistry and elegance.

The bands involve using hard, transparent clay-like cells—more robust than syrup—to sculpt out the details. This allows us to perform the delicate assembly of the nails right before your eyes, offering not just a style but an experience.

The top two nail designs take approximately one and a fifteen minutes to complete, while the bottom two designs can be done in about an hour and a half.

At J Flow Nail, we offer unique designs EVERY SEASON. Every 3 months we’ll be back with a new set of nails designs, incorporating the trendiest designs, so make sure you stay tuned!

This summer 2024, treat yourself to a captivating set of nails for a discounted price! We hope you love these designs as much as we do and are looking forward to welcoming you soon.


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