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highest quality less acidic gel products

J Flow Nail mainly uses less acidic Vetro (Japanese) products.


We have been looking for the safest products for natural nails since the store opened, and I then met the Vetro products.


The safety required by J Flow Nail and Vetro's product policy has much in common.

The highest quality that VETRO aims for is not limited to color gels. They put the utmost care in all of their products, like their base that enhances adhesion, their top that maintains luster, their soak-off solvent that does not burden your nails, andtheir LED light that achieves complete curing for 5 seconds.

These safe and reliable products are not only utilized in Japanese nail salons but are currently adored in salons in the United States, Canada, and throughout Asia.

Owner Nail Technician Atsuko is a Certified Vetro USA Technician / Educator.




Our Fill-ins

gel fill-in for safe and gentle to the natural nail

How does J Flow Nail do “Fill-ins”?


J Flow Nail provides you with a high-tech method of fill-ins.

When you get your grown out nails “filled-in” at J Flow Nail, I first shave the Top-gel and the Color-gel off with the nail drill leaving the thin-layer of the Base-gel that is still secured to the nail. Then, I add new Base-gel to the base of the nail that has grown out.


As this method of Filling-in does not use Gel-remover (Acetone), does not cause excess damage to your nails/surrounding skin, causes minimal stress to the nails, and does not cause your nails to thin. As a result, your nails and the nail art continue to look beautiful.

Furthermore, the Japanese Gel’s used at J Flow Nail do not include Acid and provides an Antibacterial effect.


If you frequently remove your Gel-nails using acetone, it will cause your nails to thin, dry, and become frail. When this happens, the new layer of Gel-nails don’t stick cleanly, and I have to advise my customers to let their nails take a break. If your nails become too thin, they can chip or crack and cause you pain that will affect your daily activities.


I use this method of Fill-ins because my goal is to have my customers continue to have healthy nails and enjoy nail art.



J Flow Nail の「フィルイン」は



高い技術力が必要不可欠と言われるこのフィルインをJ Flow NAIL では提供しています。










Our Product

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