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japanese nail artist

Atsuko has always had a vision of nail health, creativity and style, cleanliness and efficiency in the salon environment. But above all, she has a passion to express her art on nails in a unique way using inspiration from Japan. After experiencing as an owner of a franchise nail salon in Japan, Atsuko decided to create a cute, chic her own salon that would express her visions more clearly to her clientele.

HANA NAILS was then established in 2015.

Stylish. Clean. Unique. We offer unlimited nail styles to meet your needs.

At HANA NAILS, we are especially spirited about Vetro, Presto, Ageha and Leaf Gel. Neither of these gels will cause excessive damage to the natural nail bed, but will keep your nails strong with minimal lifting and chipping. These our gels are purchased exclusively from Japan and are manufactured with the highest of quality. 

With our gels, we almost never have to file the natural nail, unlike acrylics. It can even help to repair nails that have been damaged from years of abuse from acrylics or electric files. We carry multiple gels to ensure the fact that you will have the best product for your personal nail situation.

We can do almost any sort of design with the gels that we carry. Whether you want something glittery, blingy, simple or anywhere in between, we can accomplish it using Vetro, Presto, Ageha and Leaf Gel. These gels are not only great looking products but, it is a great way to look cute while keeping healthy natural nails underneath.

We offer an extensive variety of exclusive nail accessories not found in other salons in Bay area.

The reason I became a nail artist – I decided I wanted to share the thrill you feel when you look at your nails and see how beautiful they look with as many people as possible.


Being Japanese, my dream was to be able to share Japanese techniques and designs with everyone here in the Bay Area, and this dream came true with the opening of HANA NAILS. 


It gives me great joy to be able to meet new people through my work, and I look forward to seeing many more wonderful smiles.


Atsuko Takahashi


Owner & Nail Artist

J Flow Hair and Nail

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