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Top Spring 2024 Nail Trends: Colors & Designs for March, April, May.

With March just around the corner, we are approaching spring - a season of warmer days, blossoming flowers, and fun new styles for your nails! In this article, we’ll cover all of our top picks for spring nails, including everything from the soft pastels to the mesmerizing cat eye (magnet nail) designs. 

Let's take a look at some standout choices for this vibrant season!

This Spring 2024, J Flow Nail is excited to unveil our exclusive spring nail collection, available only until the end of May! Our team has meticulously crafted three unique designs, each inspired by the season's biggest nail trends.

This collection features the ever-popular Sakura motif, infused with contemporary elements like metallic finishes and the captivating cat-eye nails. Whether you're drawn to adorable, playful styles or prefer a more sophisticated, adult-like look, our spring collection offers a perfect choice for every taste. Head to Spring 2024 Limited Nail Collection Event for more details.

Popular Spring Nail Colors

Pastel shades, particularly in pink, dominate the spring season, offering a soft vibe that perfectly complements the blossoming surroundings. This particular design features detailed white flowers, adding an element of elegance and sophistication.


Cat Eye Nails

Magnet nails, or cat eye nails, take the center stage in 2024 with their unique, light-reflecting finish. Cat eye nails were hugely popular in the early to mid 2010s, and are reemerging due to their stunning appearance. Pairing cat eye nails with solid colors or nail jewelry can yield captivatingly unique results.


Glazed Donut Nails

Resembling the glossy finish of the sweet pastry, glazed donut nails have surged in popularity in recent times. Made popular by Hailey Beiber, these nails use a chrome effect that achieve a simple, yet eye-catching look.


Floral Designs (A Specialty at J Flow Nail)


At J Flow Nail, one of the most popular requests we receive are hand-painted cherry blossoms. This intricate design, featuring pink gradients and detailed petal work, celebrate the beauty of spring and the culture of Japan.

Of course, we offer designs featuring any type of flower that you request! The process always results in a breathtakingly delicate and personalized nail art.

Spring also brings holiday-themed nails into the spotlight, with St. Patrick's Day in March and Easter in April. Easter inspires shades of pastel, while St. Patrick’s day calls for vibrant greens.


Drawing Inspiration for Your Own Designs This Spring

Spring nails are perfect for expressing the season’s colorful flowers and bright atmosphere. Be sure to find your favorite design to match the arrival of spring!

At J Flow Nail, we offer a variety of designs for enjoying the season, from floral art to magnetic nails!

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