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Types of Nail Art and Nail Art Techniques

A variety off nail tools laid out on a table, for all types off nail art.

Individuality and expressing yourself are a huge parts of fashion and makeup, including nails! In this article, we'll explore various types of nail art, their features, and the trending nail designs that are gaining popularity here in the US.

Nail art can be broadly categorized into two types:

  • 3D Nails: Using acrylic or gel, 3D nails feature three-dimensional designs. These can include realistic motifs such as flowers and animals.

  • Flat Nail Art: Flat nail art involves creating two-dimensional designs using parts or gel and enhancing them with stones and glitter for a glamorous finish. Techniques such as airbrushing, stamping, stickers, and freehand drawing are also used.


Adding stones, like Swarovski crystals, to enhance the nails' beauty. Stones come in various colors and sizes, adding accents to the design.

These designs can get pretty wild! I once covered an entire nail with large stones, packing them in as tightly as possible right up to the edges. It was really nerve-wracking making sure all the stones stayed in place and didn’t fall off, but it definitely left a strong impression on me.


A durable material created by mixing acrylic powder and monomer liquid. It can be used to create realistic 3D flowers, animals, etc. However, due to its nature, it hardens quickly in air, so you must be able to quickly create the desired shapes.

Nail Jewelry and Charms

Using metal attachments, pearls or charms like shells to add accents to the design. These parts come in various shapes and materials to create unique looks.


An airbrush is often used to create delicate gradients and patterns with a stencil. This technique allows for designs that are difficult to achieve by hand.


Drawing designs by hand using a brush. Our skilled nail artists can create a variety of designs. Hand-drawn flowers are particularly popular at J Flow Nail!


Featuring characters from anime or manga for unique and personal designs.

French, Stripe, Marble

These are classic nail designs.

  • French Nails: Painting the tips of the nails in a different color.

  • Stripe Nails: Creating stripes on the nails.

  • Marble Nails: Drawing marble patterns on the nails.


Using stamps and stickers for easy designs, ideal for beginners!

Recently, hybrid designs combining these techniques have become increasingly popular. At J Flow, we propose the best design tailored to our customers' requests.

People in America have diverse preferences, so it's hard to pinpoint the most popular design. However, intricate designs, such as "Itai Nail," which involves spending hours over multiple sessions to draw characters, are trending. Preferences vary widely, so popular designs change quickly with trends.

Natural Material Designs

gel nail design with dry flowers in them

Designs using natural materials like shells and dried flowers are becoming popular. These designs bring a warm touch to the nails.

Cat-Eye Nail Design

Cat-Eye nails create unique patterns using magnetic effects. Special magnets add depth and shine, resulting in captivating designs.

At J Flow Nail, we combine various nail designs to create unique nail art. If you're looking for a new nail design or need advice on nail care, please consult with us at J Flow Nail. Our experienced nail technicians will provide top-quality service to make your nails beautiful. 

We look forward to your visit!


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