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What are Gel-X Nails?

The Gel-X nail extension system is a revolutionary option for those with short nails or those who want to enjoy natural looking nail extensions. Developed in 2017 by Aprés Nail, Gel-X nails offer an ideal solution for those who frequently change nail designs or are looking for eye-catching nail art for a special event. In this article, we’ll introduce the advantages of Gel-X and the process of applying them.

Gel-X nails are made of the same resin that soft gel nails are made of. Because of its components, Gel-X nails are much more comfortable than acrylic nails. It’s also easy to modify the length and shape without stressing your own nails. 

Gel-X nails are particularly noteworthy in terms of ensuring minimal damage, ease of removal, and longevity.

First, from the standpoint of keeping your nails healthy, Gel-X nails are stellar because there is no need to file your nails during the application procedure, allowing the nails to remain in their natural state. This means that you can enjoy beautiful, long-lasting nail art while maintaining the health of your nails.

Next, Gel-X nails stand out for their easy removal process. They can simply be removed with cotton soaked in acetone, allowing for a convenient change of nail design without damaging the natural nails. Furthermore, for those looking to save time, there is the option to use a drill, but the Gel-X removal process is significantly less harsh on the nails compared to that of acrylic nails.

Finally, Gel-X nails are long-lasting. With proper care, the beautiful finish can last up to four weeks!

Gel-X nails, known for their extensive designs and customization options, provide an excellent way to express your style. Aprés presents a large variety of nail shapes, enabling the creation of unique nail art. These include, oval almond, coffin, square, round, and stiletto. In particular, we recommend designs incorporating unique accessories or featuring punched-out tips.

Step 1: Clean and shape your nails.

Step 2: Prepare nails by applying bonder and primer and wiping off any moisture.

Step 3: Apply base gel and cure with UV or LED light.

Step 4: Position the chosen Gel-X extension on the nail, file it to the desired shape/length, apply gel to the underside, and cure it under the light.

Step 5: Add design/art.

What are Nail Forms?

Nail forms are another way to create extensions with soft gels. The technique uses flexible paper, plastic, or metal foam to create a “form” that the gel can dry on. Then, material such as gel or acrylic is applied to the nail and form to create the shape, and is then cured. After curing, the form is removed and the nails are shaped to the ideal shape and length.


The Gel-X nail extension system is a cutting-edge approach to nail extensions, using soft gel materials to create desired length and shape while preserving the integrity of natural nails. It’s the ideal choice for those who want to enjoy their nails without worrying about discomfort or strain on their natural nails.

As a final note, we’d like to mention that J Flow Nail proudly offers Gel-X services! 

If you're considering Gel-X nails for your next appointment, we invite you to come see us!

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