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Top 4 Japanese Gel Nail Brands

So, you've probably heard of Japanese Gel Nails, and how they are a game-changer. And if you're wondering which brand to choose, we’ve got you covered! As an authentic Japanese Gel Nail salon, J Flow Nail knows Japanese Gel Nails, and in this article, we’ll go into detail about our top 4 Japanese Gel Nail Brand recommendations (in no particular order).

Compared to their American counterparts, Japanese Gel Nails have lower acidity levels. While higher acidity can improve adhesion, it also increases the risk of damage to the nails upon removal. Japanese Gel Nails strike a balance, ensuring robust adhesion with minimal damage. The brands we’ll get into today, Vetro, Presto, Ageha, and Leaf Gel, all exemplify this approach. One thing to note is that all of these brands are considered the best in the industry and in terms of quality, they are virtually equal.

1. Vetro

Vetro was one of the first Japanese nail companies in the US, and is considered one of the staples when it comes to gel nails. 

Every Vetro potted gel is methodically categorized within a unique star system, visible on the cap, ranging from one to three stars to indicate viscosity and texture. 

The levels in the star system is described as follows on Vetro’s official website:

★ Soft - Least pigmented. Suitable for one color nails, ombre designs. Requires 2 coats.

★★ Normal - Brilliant coloring. Most versatile texture and great for wide varieties of artwork. Requires 1 coat.

★★★ Hard - Intensely pigmented. Ideal for paint art and line works, and applies like acrylic paints. Requires 1 coat.

For enthusiasts of bold nail styles, we recommend Vetro's Bella Nail line. It offers a range of colors that boast vibrant, sharp pigmentation which really make your nails stand out. If you prefer your nail art loud and lively, this line delivers on the promise of making a statement.


2. Presto (by Nail Labo)

Presto's innovation lies in its groundbreaking approach to gel nail curing. The brand revolutionized the industry by introducing the first 100% LED curing soft gel nails in 2009, removing the need for UV light curing. This is a testament to the brand’s forward-thinking and dedication to safety. Beyond the technological advancements, Presto gels are celebrated for their longevity and resilience, making them a favorite among nailists who demand excellence.

Presto’s parent company, Nail Labo, is famous for its micro motor handpiece for nails, which features a smooth and quiet micro-motor. Nail Labo makes tools of high durability and offers some of the best repair services, making it our go-to for nail tools as well.

3. Ageha

Created by an outstanding nail artist of the same name, this brand is built on the concept of making work fun for nail salon workers. I was fortunate enough to attend one of Ageha’s nail art classes in Los Angeles, and it’s no exaggeration when I say that she is a world-class nail artist.

Ageha gels feature a smooth texture that is easy to work with and minimizes unevenness. It is highly recommended for beginners. Professional nail artists also frequently use it, especially for intricate art designs due to its excellent texture and color finish. Additionally, the top coat from this brand is highly regarded for its ability to resist yellowing and provide an exquisite glossy finish.

4. Leaf Gel

Leaf Gel stands out, not only for its high quality products, but also for its “10-Free Gel Nail System”, ensuring a safer and more environmentally friendly beauty regimen. This commitment emphasizes the exclusion of ten harmful chemicals, including camphor, dibutyl phthalate, and formaldehyde, which have been linked to various health issues ranging from headaches and skin irritation to more severe concerns like cancer and hormonal imbalances. This innovative approach allows for the creation of high-quality, vibrant gel nails without compromising the well-being of both the users and nail technicians.

With over 10 years of experience in gel nails, including brands from the United States and Canada, it can be said that Japanese Gel Nails are unique and exceptionally high in quality. Japanese Gel Nails are characterized by precise craftsmanship and beautiful designs. Nail artists in Japan pay meticulous attention to detail, achieving a balance between durability and aesthetics. Additionally, Japanese Gel Nails prioritize nail health, using materials that are gentle on the nails.

Here at J Flow Nail, we combine different Japanese gel nail brands and products to suit the specific condition and thickness of the client's nails, as well as the desired artistic outcome. By tailoring the use of different brands to each person, we enhance both the experience and the results. This personalized approach ensures that each set of nails is not only a work of art but also makes full use of the best parts in each brand.

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