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What is Nail Glue?

Nail glue is a powerful adhesive, used for nails, similar to super glue. It’s primarily used for attaching press on nails or decorations like glitter and nail jewelry. Nail glue is especially effective for temporary nail art, making it widely used to easily elongate nails and enhance designs. But due to its many potential harms, we opt to not utilize nail glue here at J Flow Nail.

Nail glue excels in the following scenarios:

  1. Attaching press on nails: Used when you want to temporarily extend your nails or change their shape for special occasions.

  2. Nail reinforcement: It can also be used to reinforce weak or damaged natural nails.

  3. Securing glitter and nail jewelry: Nail glue plays a crucial role in securely affixing small decorative items to the nails.

The components of nail glue can break down the proteins in nails, sometimes thinning and creating irregularities in the nails. Damage can also occur if parts of the nail surface get peeled off during the removal of the hardened nail glue. Nail glue can also be difficult to remove completely, even with acetone.

Bottle type (with brush)

  • Features a bottle similar to nail polish with an included brush, making it easy to apply accurately to the necessary areas.

  • Suitable for attaching press on nails and small decorations due to its ability to spread a thin, even layer on the nails.

Tube type

  • Features a tube similar to super glue with a small opening that allows direct squeezing of the glue.

  • Ideal when precision dot application is needed or when a strong fix is required.

Pen type

  • Shaped like a pen, this container is suitable for finer work. It is easy to use and convenient to carry.

  • Ideal for delicate nail art and small decorations.

Understand your use case: For durable fixation, choose a strong, long-lasting type of glue, such as bottle or tube types. For securing decorations, pen or tube types that allow precise application are handy.

Know the ingredients: Choose products that do not contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde or toluene to avoid allergic reactions and skin irritation.

Consider the brand and reputation: It is important to choose high-quality glue from trusted brands or well-reviewed products. User reviews and expert recommendations can be helpful.

Ease of removal: Choosing a glue that is easy to remove, preferably acetone-free, can minimize damage to the nails.

When selecting nail glue, consider these points to choose the product that best suits your nail art style and needs. Choosing the right glue helps maintain the beauty of your nail designs and keep your nails healthy.

If you prefer to avoid using nail glue like us, there are other methods like fiber gel or silk wraps that are gentle on natural nails and effective for reinforcing and repairing cracks. For deeper cracks, using a silk wrap to protect the nail and then applying fiber gel can strengthen the nails while maintaining a natural look. Other options like Gel-X and forms are also available for extending nail length.

Nail glue is indispensable for its immediate effect and strong fixation in nail art, but it requires careful use. To avoid damage to the nails, it is crucial to choose the right type of glue and use it appropriately. Using gentle alternative materials can also promote a healthy nail life. For everyone who enjoys nail art, the right knowledge and choices are key to maintaining beauty.

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